DATMUSCLE: 1975 Datsun Z-Series 280z For Sale in Yuba City, CA (Bid)

December 18th, 2014 | For Sale | 0 Comment

Check out this ridiculous 1975 very solid Datsun 280z. With a 72 sb corvette motor rebuilt  in 2007 this car packs a punch! Car is rust free, over all reliable, and major head turner! It has a demon 750 carb and edelbroke high rise manifold, and for the transmission its a fully rebuilt 700r4 that is the smoothest transmission youll ever feel super tight shifting no slips or hard shiftiing! If you're in Northern California you HAVE to check this beast out! So ...


WHITEWHALE: 1971 Datsun 240Z For Sale in Washington (Bid)

December 11th, 2014 | For Sale | 0 Comment

  Here is a 1971 Datsun 240z that is clean and simple. So yeah, it has room for improvement but that just makes it easier to mold this beauty into you're very own creation. It's a 6 cylinder manual transmission beast with tons of potential! So check her out if you're in Washington area!      Related ...


DATDRIFT: Chris Forsberg Drifts a Rare Skyline Powered Nissan 280Z

December 11th, 2014 | Uncategorized | 0 Comment

This video is ridiculous! Chris Forsberg throws this puppy around like a rag doll Check it out and stay tuned for some more awesome ...