Black Leather Nardi Steering Wheel for $266

November 30th, 2014 | Parts | 0 Comment

Feeling Nardi? Datsun's and Nardi Steering wheels go together like PB&J. They just fit. Sure they're italian but isn't that where they Datsun designers got a lot of there styling? Anyway, we love them here at Datsun Hunter and this black leather wrapped with grey stitching would look awesome on any Datsun. This Nardi steering wheel is for sale on Amazon for $266.00. Not to shabby and these would look awesome with any Datsun. Related ...


Those headlights!: 1974 Datsun 620 pickup for $3700

July 27th, 2012 | For Sale | 0 Comment

Gosh that 620 pickup has to be the coolest truck ever. The lines and those headlights are perfect. This truck has been freshly painted and has had the interior redone. This seems like a pretty good deal. This Datsun is for sale in Glendale, CA Posted by Instagrate to ...


Low 620: Datsun 620 pickup for $3500

July 14th, 2012 | For Sale | 0 Comment

Not much info on the ad but it runs drives. We would swap out those wheels for something more Jdm. He has it listed as a 1971 but it's not. Pretty sure only 521 pickups were made then. This Datsun 620 is for sale  in New Jersey. Posted by Instagrate to ...