DATSeriesOne: 1970 Datsun 240z for sale in San Diego for only $5500

series one 240z for sale

I first kind of glazed over this 240z the first or second time I saw it but I just felt like it was way too good not to share.

Most 240z‘s let alone any s30 in this price range is almost guaranteed to either be a rust bucket or be so incomplete it’s almost better just to save up until you have about at least $10,000.

240z for sale del marearly 240z for sale

But I think this is a really great deal. Not only is it mostly complete and 90% rust free, 1970 240z‘s are by far the most desirable s30 to get. They were the first Z’s to be built and are known for the small bumpers without all the clunky stuff and the cool vents in the back hatch.

maroon 240z for sale

Now, this one is missing it’s front bumper and the original hatch but at least when you buy refurbished ones, it was at least supposed to be that way.

I am saying all this because I think this 240z is a great investment. If your one who wants to slam it, shakotan exhaust it, and throw rocket bunny flares on it, then please please don’t buy this. I’m all about modified Z’s but this one needs to be bought by someone who likes restoring classics and maybe likes their money to not go to waste.

1970 240z for sale san diego

Check out this almost rust free series one 240z for sale in Del Mar on Craigslist.

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  • Sheldon

    Would this make a good first car I’m looking for one