#80sHeart: 1972 Datsun 510 with FJ20 swap for sale in Seattle


What we have here is an extremely well taken care of 510 with a seasoned owner since 1988. No rust and looks to be in spectacular shape.


Something you don’t see everyday is the tough and elegant FJ20 (non-turbo) swap. This is the older brother to the SR and some would say a bit tougher a motor. (The parents are always harder on the oldest child) The FJ’s were used a lot in racing in the 80’s in all motorsports and strangely a lot in drag racing.

Interior-front Interior-rear

Seats come from a Mitsubishi Starion Turbo again, a very nice 80’s touch. The burgandy leather on black actually complement well together I think. Roll bar in the back is great for keeping this 510 stiff on the corners


Not sure what these wheels are but I totaly get why he put the Ying-Yang center cap on. Some will hate so much but still kind of like them and others will love but will wish something slightly different. Hmmm…


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