REDDRAGON: 1969 Datsun 2000 Fairlady roadster For Sale (Bid)


Check out this awesome 1969 Datsun 2000 Roadster a car for the serious autocrosser who still wants to be able to drive their car on the street occasionally. Details:  Actual mileage unknown. Blue printed engine bored 0.040: with Nissan flat top pistons. Race prepped rods with ARP bolts. Head ported & combustion chambers modified. Block decked. Comp. ratio is 10.5:1 so it will run on premium pump gas. Comp oil pan with gated trap door insert. Nissan B cam, cam oil spray bar, adjustable cam gear, Tilton aluminum flywheel, comp clutch pilot bearing. Original Solex Mikuni 44mm carbs with 37mm chokes on ported manifold. Race prepped Nissan middle close transmission. Nissan 4.63:1 LSD differential with clutch shimmed tight for autocross and track use. Oversized radiator core (this vehicle will not overheat). Complete competition suspension, old style Nissan comp springs, Koni shocks, custom rear panhard bar.  Memory tach, mechanical oil pressure and temperature gauges.  Seats have 5 point harnesses.  So if you’re on the East coast check her out and put your bid in soon before she’s gone!!



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