East Coast vs West Coast: Two 240z’s for $1000 each

Both s30’s are 1972 Datsun 240z’s. White one is in Seattle, the Red one is in New York. Both are unmolested but need some tlc to run again.

East Coast vs West Coast: Two 240z's for $1000 each
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  • Phireak Ethan Vann

    what is wrong with the red one

  • Mike

    Text me if the car is still available

    • Mike


  • Eduardo Romero

    The cars still for sale?

    • James Fabry

      Are these cars for sale ill’give you 1.200 for each if they are is in your hands please email be back please j.fabry1205@comcast.net,

  • Anthony J. Cotto

    Do you still have the white one?

  • James Fabry

    I want the red one please contact me at email j.fabry1205@comcast.net or call 856-910-2378-asap please

  • James Fabry

    I’ll give you 1.200 for it I’m a serious collector for these cars

    • James Fabry

      Hello is the white datsun still for sale please let me now my email is j.fabry1205@comcast.net I collect these.